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Returns and Refunds
At iAQUA, every care and effort has been put to deliver product that exceeds expectations. However, in the rare occasion you are not happy with the product delivered, iAQUA offers a 30 day money back guarantee upon the return of product in unused, undamaged condition in its original packaging. All you need to do is write to info@iaqua.biz with the subject line “Return Request” and iAQUA team will revert within 3 business days with further instructions on processing the return.

  • Upon receipt of the return request by email, the return will be acknowledged with a reference number for tracking purposes along with instructions for return shared with you by email. 
  • The products must then be returned unused, undamaged and in the original packaging.
  • Upon receipt of the returned product, iAQUA team will inspect for any signs of damage and use and make a final decision on acceptance of return.
  • Upon confirmation or acceptance of return, iAQUA will process the refund of the product cost less transportation fees within the same day.

Warranty Policy
iAQUA and its components are covered by a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty from iAQUA, registered tradename of iAQUA (Hong Kong) Limited, valid from the date of purchase or product registration (whichever comes first).

The equipment purchased shall be free of defects in material, manufacturing or workmanship under normal recreational use for a period of 12 months, else the authorised vendor or iAQUA shall be responsible for repair or like-for-like replacement.

The warranty is offered as an extra benefit and does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer. This manufacturer’s warranty does not confer any rights other than those expressly set out above and in particular we shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss or damage.

Nothing in this warranty or the instructions relating to the product excludes, restricts or otherwise affects your statutory rights. We reserve the right to change this product, packaging and documentation without notice. If a defect appears and after checking that the product is being used properly and in accordance with the instructions, alert your nearest Authorised iAQUA dealer or email us directly with a valid proof of purchase, as soon as possible.

All warranty enquiries should be handled by an authorised iAQUA dealer or iAQUA headquarters directly. Keep your original proof or purchase and certificate of authenticity / warranty card in case of any warranty claim or enquiry.

Each AquaDart has an individual VIN (vehicle Identification Number) which is located on the iAQUA certificate of authenticity and etched onto the motor housing bracket internally. This number is vital to assist with repair and warranty claims, please make careful note of it.

AquaDart warranty is only valid when purchased from an authorized iAQUA dealer or directly from the website. iAQUA (Hong Kong) Ltd. shall not be responsible for any additional or extended warranties offered by any seller or third- party claiming warranty coverage. The warranty is valid for new units and their original purchaser only.
For units purchased from iaqua.biz warranty claims may be directed to closest iAQUA authorised service centre at the discretion of iAQUA headquarters. If there is no suitable service centre iAQUA will arrange for transport of unit and/or replacement via a 3rd party shipping company. iAQUA authorised service centres are instructed to deal with any registered iAQUA product warranty claims, regardless of purchase location. If you need to find your local service centre or experience any refusal or issue with an iAQUA affiliated service centre, please inform us immediately at service@iaqua.biz

Units should be checked thoroughly at point of sale for any damage that may have been sustained during shipping from factory. Any cosmetic or structural damage to be reported immediately to vendor or iAQUA headquarters. Any damage after purchase date shall assumed to be result of usage by owner.

The warranty shall be invalidated if the product has been modified or adapted from as originally supplied – this includes the addition of mounting brackets, fins, decals that block or restrict water ingress / egress and modifications to propeller or batteries.

The 12-month warranty is unaffected if genuine iAQUA aftermarket accessories have been fitted by an authorised iAQUA service centre or vendor.

The warranty shall be immediately invalidated if the unit has been subject to misuse or accidental damage such as exceeding maximum depth leaving the unit in excessive ambient temperatures (above 50°C / 122°F) or dropping the unit from a height more than 1m (3’ 3”).

iAQUA (Hong Kong) Ltd. or authorised iAQUA dealer shall not have warranty obligation if damage or defect is a result of improper handling, incorrect storage or shipping after point of purchase.

The warranty shall be immediately invalidated if the product is repaired or tampered with by an unauthorised workshop or individual. While AquaDart has been designed to be easily repaired, within the 12 months warranty period, this repair work must be undertaken by authorised parties.

AquaDart contains high-powered Lithium Ion batteries, under normal usage and regular maintenance as stipulated in the instruction manual they will last approximately 1000 recharge cycles with little noticeable change to capacity. This warranty guarantees that within a year of purchase, or 500 recharge cycles (whichever comes sooner) that they shall not fall below 70% of maximum capacity when fully charged.

Repair or replacement of components does not extend the original warranty period.

This warranty does not extend to theft, loss or damage due to accident of fire. The vendor and/or iAQUA (Hong Kong) Ltd. are not liable for any injury or damage of property resulting from misuse or negligence, including failure to maintain AquaDart according to those stipulated in the user manual.

Operational Safety Guidelines
Before you use our products, please go through the instructions thoroughly before setting out. IAQUA or any of iAQUA’s partners will take no responsibility for any loss occurring due to improper use of our products. Proper operational guidelines of iAQUA products is listed below and in the instructions manual provided with every AquaDart product. Please read carefully before using the iAQUA products.

We have engineered AquaDart to provide fun and endurance on the right side of extreme. It has been designed to withstand depths, speeds and temperatures well beyond the range of mere mortals like us, so please use well within your own limits for your own safety. AquaDarts are  very powerful and high-performance gear and they must be operated, handled and maintained carefully and conscientiously. Misuse may shorten the unit’s life, or worse, yours! The handling and controls have been designed to be balanced and intuitive but like riding a bike, it takes a little getting used to. We suggest you practice in shallow protected water before heading out to deeper environments.

Only suitable for confident swimmers over 16 years of age who are fit and healthy. If you have any medical condition that may be affected by extreme sports or strenuous activity, please consult a physician before operating.

Always wear life-jacket or buoyancy aid in open water. Also recommend that when operated in open water, users bring a personal floatation device, whistle and beacon for attracting attention.

When possible, keep the shoreline or origin boat in plain sight. In case of large swell keep within swimming range from point of origin.

AquaDart is not a floatation device and therefore is not suitable as a swimming aid or for life-saving. AquaDart is only slightly buoyant to enhance underwater handling. It will therefore float to the surface slowly if unassisted by the operator.

If you are operating AquaDart solo, always tell a buddy or nominated companion where you are intending on going and how long you will be.

In case of loss of power or malfunction during diving – LET GO OF AQUADART AND SWIM FREE TO SURFACE. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PULL AQUADART UNIT TO THE SURFACE – it will float to the surface in time.

Do not use in strong currents, waves, bad weather or poor visibility. Recommend use of full wetsuit in cool or cold water to avoid hypothermia.

Holding on to AquaDart is physically challenging, particularly underwater where the resistance underwater is 12 times that of air. Diving with AquaDart is a strenuous activity and recommended that lower power levels are used when fully submerged. Power levels 4, 5 & 6 are best used at surface level. Using high power levels for sustained periods may cause injury to arms, shoulders and neck – if you feel any discomfort drop to a lower gear or stop to rest. Do not physically attach yourself to AquaDart by way of clips, lines, knots or carabiners at any time.

Not suitable for use with SCUBA equipment without proper training. AquaDart can only be used with compressed air if user has undergone training for operation of DPVs (Diver Propulsion Vessel). High risk of decompression sickness due to rapid (uncontrolled) ascents. Risk to life!

The depth meter on the user display is indicative only and should not be taken as an accurate depth reading. It does not substitute a dive computer.

Do not use in close proximity to swimmers or divers. AquaDart is capable of underwater speeds much greater than swimmers or divers, please respect their space.

Not for use in marinas, harbours, shipping lanes, designated swimming areas or any restricted areas.

Always keep a minimum safe distance of 5m from persons or objects. Keep regular observations of nearby boats, buoys, fishing lines or hazards.

Plan your route, observe battery charge and return to base in good time. AquaDart’s ECU will automatically limit the gear when battery becomes critically low – this ‘get me home’ mode consumes less power. If the on-screen warnings are ignored and the unit is continued to be used it risks turning off completely.

Do not wear loose clothing, keep long hair up or in a swim-cap and avoid trailing leads, straps or belts when operating. Risk of injury if loose clothing or foreign objects enter the jet intake on the underside of unit.

Do not reach into or place objects into jet intake. AquaDart’s internal propeller will cause serious injury. All repairs should be completed by an iAQUA trained technician in a workshop environment.

Only operate AquaDart when floating free and in sufficiently deep water. Point away from objects and other users.

Always start in a low gear (1 or 2) and sequentially increase the gears when moving. Starting in a high gear may cause injury or dislocation of shoulders and cause unnecessary wear on the internal drive system.

The waterjet outlet is very powerful and can cause severe injuries if pointed directly towards any bodily orifice or cavity. Normal swimwear may not protect against water being forced into orifices you’d rather not! Please take care that the jet outlet is directed underneath the operator and that protective clothing such as a wetsuit or skinsuit is worn.

AquaDart is capable of speeds that make it uncomfortable or impossible to see without using protective goggles underwater. Flat faced goggles such as conventional SCUBA masks will resonate at low speeds and may cause discomfort from drag.

Suggested use of a low volume and profiled mask such as a specialist free-diving mask.

Never operate AquaDart under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Familiarise yourself with the controls and handling of AquaDart before venturing into open water.

Judge your surroundings and operate AquaDart at a safe speed at all times. Learn to stop, handle and manoeuvre AquaDart proficiently in a closed environment such as a private swimming pool, before heading out to open water. Always ride within your limits of both speed and depth.

The direction and orientation of AquaDart is controlled by your body movement and requires thrust from the waterjet to manoeuvre.

AquaDart is a heavy object. Always lift unit in and out of the water, boats, cars etc with assistance. Recommend using the iAQUA trolley (available separately). If launching from beach, float the unit as soon as possible and pull out to water which is sufficiently deep to operate.

The maximum diving depth can be set using the main user interface (see AquaDart settings). When the vessel reaches the set depth limit propulsion will stop allowing the unit to float back into within the acceptable depth - at which point, after a short delay, propulsion will resume. Taking the unit beyond the maximum depth may damage the internal seals and will invalidate the warranty.

Freediving to 20m and beyond takes practise and training under supervision of trained professionals. Know your limits, extreme depths can cause disorientation and dizziness.

Please use AquaDart responsibly, respect the environment. Do not use AquaDart to pursue or harass wildlife. Please take care not to damage coral, seagrass or any natural habitats.

Hold on for the ride of your life!

Battery Safety
Your AquaDart is powered by one of the most common and energy dense electrical power sources: Lithium-Ion batteries. The technology is used nearly across all electric drive trains on the market- from cars to sea scooters. While lithium ion can help attain the top speeds AquaDart is loved for and sustain those speeds for longer than any competing sea scooter on the market, it is important to bear the relevant safety in mind. And don’t worry, that’s exactly what our design does!

As you may have heard, lithium ion may become a danger if ever exposed to water. We take no risk and have created 2 superimposed methods of separation for the lithium cells from the outside, each individually pressure tested beyond our operational depth specification: glass-filled nylon caps with redundant O-ring sealing around both sides of the battery cylinder; With this level of superimposed waterproofing, we are very confident and cannot imagine any set of circumstances under which water could ever come in contact with the battery cells.

But that’s not good enough for us. So, if for unconceivable reason water does get through to the cells, your AquaDart is prepared. There are multiple electronic water sensors installed in different places inside the battery pack. As soon as water ingress is detected, the device performance will be limited to the Level 1 “Safety Mode” for 30min, to allow you to get to safety; the device will be inoperable after 30 minutes on “Safety Mode”; no recharging or use of the device would be possible;

Under such extremely rare occurrence, keep the units out in the open air, away from flammable objects and contact your nearest iAQUA distributor or dealer to arrange replacement of the batteries, and this will bring your AquaDart back to life!